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Frank Romano
Grand Master of Kuden Jutsu, inventor of the Romatron billy club keychain
  • Inducted by World Karate Union Hall of Fame as Grand Master of Kuden Jutsu, 1997
  • Master Instructor of the Year, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Honorary member of the World Christian Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame
Grand Master Romano has had a long and illustrious martial arts career, he won the US championship Eastern Seaboard Title from 1977-79. In 1980 he was chosen for Team USA, and brought home a Gold Medal from Luzerne Switzerland.

He is widely known for inventing the Romatron, a billy club keychain for personal self defense. The Romatron is influenced by traditional okinowan weapons. The romatron has both short and long range applications, and it's unique design allows both hands to remain free for hand to hand combat.

He and his wife Debbie wrote and produced 2 seasons of "Martial Arts Magazine" a one-hour television magazine which showcased the variety of contemporary and traditional martial arts.