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Won't using this against an attacker just make him mad?

No, hitting someone with a romatron will disable him, just as if you hit them with a baseball bat.

If you someone grabs you, and you hit them in the back of the hand hard with your romatron, you'll break bones in their hand. They'll be unable to grab you again with that hand, hit you, hold a weapon in that hand, or do anything else until they've had their bones set.
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How accurate is the romatron - what happens if I hit myself by accident?

The romatron follows your hand precisely. If you can swing your hand at it, you can hit it with a romatron!
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What's wrong with pepper spray or mace?

  • Laws are being enacted in many states making both pepper spray and mace illegal
  • Pepper spray and mace can blow back in your face on a windy day
  • If someone grabs you from behind, you can't use pepper spray or mace because it would affect you as well as your attacker
  • Pepper spray and mace cans gradually lose pressure, and may fail you when you need them the most
  • If the nozzle is accidentally pointing at you, you get maced, not your attacker
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Romatron is not a toy. Keep away from Children. Romatron users are responsible for their own actions.