Kuden Jutsu, martial arts
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This superbly crafted product fits easily in your purse or pocket, and provides you with the effectiveness of a Police Baton or Blackjack. No matter which way you hold the Romatron, it is an effective weapon.

Easy and Intuitive, the Romatron can be used immediately by anyone with no training. It enhances your natural impulse to swing your hand at an attacker by extending your reach six inches, and adding the cutting edges of your keys at one end, and a 3.5 oz. weighted polymer ball on a flexible steel cable at the other.

Students of the Martial Arts can study the use of the Romatron as a Martial Arts Weapon. Romatron is taught as part of Kuden Jutsu, a Martial Arts style recognized by the World Karate Organization.

The Romatron Protection System includes One Romatron, and an instructional video.

Kuden Jutsu Enterprises, 4940 Moss Mill Rd., Elwood N.J. 08217

Romatron is not a toy. Keep away from Children. Romatron users are responsible for their own actions.